Emotional Intelligence (EI) Development

Success in today’s fast paced, rapidly changing world requires more than intellectual or technical skills. Organizations want self-confident, highly motivated employees that can thrive in chaos and lead their organizations to higher levels of performance.

Emotional intelligence (EI) has emerged as a critical competence for career and organizational success. EI defines how we manage ourselves and how we relate to others. Emotional intelligence exists at the core of who we are as human beings. In fact, we are ‘hardwired’ for emotions – they drive everything we do.

The good news is that EI can be developed!

Crescendo Inc., is pleased to offer Assessment, Coaching and Training to support Emotional Intelligence Development.

EI Assessment

eq-i 2.0 LogoWhat is my emotional intelligence? What are my strengths, limitations and opportunities? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the EQ-i2.0.

Crescendo Inc. has administered more than 2,000 EQ-i assessments since 1999. Participants appreciate the personal insights gained as a result of the instrument.

What does the EQ-i2.0 measure?

  • Self-Perception — Self regard, Self-Actualization & Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Self-Expression — Emotional Expression, Assertiveness & Independence
  • Interpersonal — Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy & Social Responsibility
  • Decision Making — Problem Solving, Reality Testing & Impulse Control
  • Stress Management — Flexibility, Stress Tolerance & Impulse Control

EQ-i2.0 Sample Reports

Workplace Report Sample EQ360 Report Sample Leadership   Report Sample Leadership 360 Report Sample

EI Coaching

We offer 3 levels of EI Coaching.

  • Level One Coaching provides participants with a copy of their confidential EQ-i2.0 report and a 1-hour debrief session with an EQ-i2.0 Certified coach to review results.
  • Level Two Coaching adds a structured EI development planning process to the assessment and debrief completed in Level One.
  • Level Three Coaching adds key milestone and accountability follow-up coaching to the actions completed in Levels One and Two.

EI Training

We offer EI training options to meet your needs in the following areas:

Introductory, awareness sessions address the following questions - What is emotional intelligence, why is it relevant and how can it be developed?

Using information from their EQ-i2.0 assessment, 1:1 debrief and structured pre-work, participants will identify the EI competencies most critical to their success. At the end of the training session, they will be prepared to implement the personal EI development plan they created.

EQ-i2.0 Certification:
The EQ-i2.0 Certification training will teach you what you need to know to successfully administer the EQ-i2.0. The session is designed to provide hands-on practice to help you internalize and strengthen your skill at interpreting and debriefing the EQ-i2.0. At the end of EQ-i2.0 Certification, you will be able to describe the concepts and relevance of emotional intelligence and explain the components of EQ-i2.0 (including the science behind the instrument)

Note: This program has been approved by the International Coach Federation for 21.5 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs).

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