Virtual EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification

EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification has been approved by the
International Coach Federation
for 23.75 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU's).

Continuing Coaching Education - International Coach Federation

Virtual EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification offers participants a blended learning option that combines self-study with virtual learning technology to meet the rigorous requirements of EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification. At the end of this training, participants will be able to successfully administer, analyze, interpret and debrief EQ-i2.0/EQ360 assessments.

This program includes four, 4-hour virtual learning sessions typically delivered over a 4 week time-frame. Designed to accommodate adult learning principles, participants engage with online virtual learning modules, personal reflection, small and large group discussions throughout the workshop to reinforce learning.

As is true with the traditional In-Person Training option, participants can expect to invest approximately 24-hours in this learning experience.

EQ-i Certification Session Dates and Registration - Virtual
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Virtual EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification Training Process Map

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 “My virtual certification with Lisa was a fantastic experience. She is an incredibly gifted Facilitator and she prepared our cohort very well for the delivery of EQ-i assessments. In addition, she offers invaluable tools to her EQ Practitioners and a community of practice that will be extremely beneficial to my development as an EQ Assessor and Coach.”

- Internal Leadership Development Consultant (November 2021)

“Lisa is an excellent EQ-i 2.0 master trainer! I truly appreciate her inclusive style in inviting all voices of the cohort group and also leveraging our individual strengths in the learning experience. I learned how to balance the art and the science of EQ-i with clients, by incorporating the research and framework into making meaningful connections for them. The learning experience in this course was very positive, outlined skillfully with prework,  discussion, reflection and practice to build confidence in managing the tools available. I really appreciate the additional tools that Lisa has developed to further enhance the navigation of EQ-i. Lastly, I found Lisa’s passion for emotional intelligence and EQ-i contagious and I share her mission to create a community of emotional intelligence practitioners, which I am now proud to be part of.“

- Internal Leadership Development Consultant (November 2021)

"I'm so grateful to have been able to participate in the EQi 2.0 training in March of 2021.  The Zoom format was very effective and I enjoyed gaining this certification from the comfort of my own office.  Lisa is an amazing instructor and masterful at delivering an engaging learning environment.  She provided us all of the tools we needed to be successful EQi 2.0 practitioners!"

- Leadership Coach (March 2021)

I highly recommend Lisa's training program. You'll walk away with a firm foundation to begin using the tools, and a cohort of learners whom you can reach out to for support.

- Leadership Coach (March 2021)

"Crescendo Inc. is doing its part in the effort to build inclusive and emotionally intelligent business cultures. Its EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification program equips Executive Coaches, Therapists, and other coaching professionals, with the tools needed to support leaders and professionals at all levels of their development through strengthening the individual's emotional intelligence lens. Having this preparation through certification will enable me to more effectively fortify a client's strategy with keen insights to help them in executing their career goals and aspirations." 

- Leadership Coach (September 2019)

"I highly recommend the EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Virtual Certification Workshop. While it can often be hit or miss to have a meaningful experience with virtual learning programs, Lisa is a wonderfully engaging instructor who makes sure the group stays well connected throughout the entire training. She also ensures everyone has everything they need to prepare for the training on their own before it begins. She is diligent and structured in her facilitation and follow-up while being thoughtful in accommodating everyone's individual needs as well."

- Leadership Development Coach (September 2019)

"I came into the course with a solid base knowledge about the topic. The class was presented and delivered in a way that completely fulfilled my expectations. Lisa is a total professional in the field. Her knowledge is exceptional. Her professionalism is great and her flexibility to work within the group needs, including unexpected changes in my schedule was great. I am a horrible tester by nature. Thanks to the way this course was delivered, the shared knowledge, and Lisa's experience, I had no problem passing the final test. She is great and I would definitely recommend anyone to take this class with Crescendo ."

- Independent Leadership Development Coach

"I was expecting a virtual training to have little interaction with all the participants involved and I was wrong. The team of participants were highly emotionally excellent individuals, focused on learning, who engaged in participating and collaborating in the overall training. Lisa was awesome in maintaining the participants engaged in class. Homework was appropriate and the overall learning environment was flexible. Lisa handle everything with great understanding and professionalism, accommodating all of our schedules. I had to miss one of the class section and Lisa scheduled a "next day" section to accommodate my needs. She is an A1 professional and an emotionally intelligent self-practitioner. I would recommend this virtual training to anyone"

- Leadership Development Coach (September 2016)

"The EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Virtual Certification was the best virtual learning experience I have had in my professional career. Lisa Griebel is an outstanding facilitator. The course was well-organized, interactive and designed to encourage personal and professional sharing, growth and development. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual certification and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a highly-engaging and informative emotional intelligence learning experience."

– Higher Education Organizational Development Leader (September 2016)

"I finished my EQ-i/EQ360 Virtual training today, took my final exam some hours later and passed!  I have to thank the group I worked with for the last five weeks. They are really good colleagues and we all had fun, during our training. I am now looking forward to having access to Crescendo's Community of Practice to continue deepening my knowledge about Emotional Intelligence.

- Leadership Development Coach (September 2015)

I have to mention the relevant support and dedication I got from Lisa Griebel which has enabled me to learn how powerful EI is and will play an important role in my business from now on. I look forward to exploring the Crescendo Inc. Resource Center and incorporating the EI Development Strategy Guide in my coaching practice."

Executive Leadership Coach – Brazil (September 2015)

I was very impressed with the high quality of the virtual EQ-i2.0 Certification process. Prior to this class, I had not experienced a virtual session so impactful. I think a lot of it had to do with Lisa's organization skills, intentional design for virtual participants, facilitation skills that kept everyone engaged in meaningful ways and, of course, Lisa's extensive experience with Emotional Intelligence! It was a great learning experience for me and I learned so much. Thank you, Lisa!

- Director Key Talent Development (May 2015)

EQ-i2.0/EQ360 VIRTUAL Certification has been, hands down, the best virtual/online training experience I have taken.  Lisa was exceptional at organization and at encouraging participation - no small feat when leading an online training environment.  Learning, pace, collegiality, expertise...  All were excellent and well worth the investment.

Assistant Academic Dean, Graduate-Level Theological School (May 2015)

I'm very excited to be certified as an EQi 2.0 & EQi360 practitioner, as I believe it's an excellent tool to use with my coaching clients. Lisa and the team at Crescendo exceeded my expectations, making the material completely accessible. The materials were organized, complete, and very useful. Lisa is a gracious and and skilled facilitator, to boot. Highly recommended!

Leadership Consultant and Coach (October 2014)

The EQ-i 2.0/EQ360 certification helped me learn more about the importance of emotional intelligence in organizations and how I can support the development of others with the EQ-i tool. Lisa is well-organized and really cared about the learning experience I had. She created opportunities for me to partner with others to learn outside of the classroom experience.

Leadership Consultant and Coach (October 2014)

Lisa is a great teacher. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend her as a teacher and trainer.

- Director, Family Owned Business Institute - Academic (March 2014)

"Lisa did an amazing job facilitating the virtual certification program. Her expertise, listening skills and abilitiy to connect the dots (people, issues, etc.), made for a great learning experience. I have already recommended this program to others."

- Internal Leadership Coach - Health Care Organization (March 2014)

I was certified in the EQI several years ago before the EQI 360 was available. That was an in-person training with Lisa. I recently completed the virtual training to become certified in the 360. It was just as effective as the face to face. Lisa's facilitation skills are superb, and she created an excellent environnment of learning that was very experiential. I highly recommend the virtual training for anyone who is considering this as an option. You won't be disappointed!"

- Internal Leadership Development Coach - Health Care Organization (March 2014)

At first I was a little intimidated by the virtual training certification process. However, once we started, the sessions could not have gone better! I have taken a number of online courses before, but by far this was the most well organized and productive. All members of the group participated with enthusiasm and brought forth great insight from their own lives. Lisa did an excellent job of facilitating our conversations by tying all of our experiences together to keep us on task.
Due to Lisa's outstanding organization and knowledge of emotional intelligence, our homework assignments were succinct, simple to find, and easy to understand. Although we could not see the other group members, using the screen share in combination with the phone line was very helpful in focusing our attention on the topic.
After completing the virtual training sessions, I feel confident in my ability to start administering the EQ-I 2.0 assessment to start helping individuals develop their emotional intelligence. I highly recommend a virtual training session for anyone, especially if being facilitated by Lisa!"

- Director, Multicultural Affairs, Higher Education (September 2013)

"Lisa did a brilliant job delivering & facilitating the virtual EQ-i/EQ360 training. Her training, organizational and leadership skills ensure engagement and thoughtful interaction from the "class." I completed the training with a solid mastery of the skills needed to successfully deliver and debrief on both of the assessments. The process has added tremendous value personally and professionally."

- Associate Director, Project Management - Synthetic Biology Firm (September 2013)

This online class was great! Lisa was very well-organized and I had everything I needed before the class actually started. The teaching methods used were so effective and engaging. I really got to know the other students and learned from their insights. I would thoroughly endorse this class for anyone interested in Emotional Intelligence.

- Independent Career Consultant (September 2013)

"My experience with the EQ-i2.0/EQ 360 online certification process was extremely positive. Lisa created a warm and respectful environment that allowed us to be completely comfortable and productive even though the participants were thousands of miles (and several time zones) apart. Learning about the process as well as experiencing a professional debrief by Lisa herself created the most enriching training experience that I have ever been involved in. I am very much looking forward to utilizing the new skills that I have learned to help support the development of the students, faculty, and staff at this university as well as within the community. Thank you Lisa and Crescendo Inc. for the wonderful work that you do!"

- Student Development Specialist - Higher Education (September 2013)

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