EQ-I2.0 & EQ360 Certification Training

EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification has been approved by the
International Coach Federation
for 23.75 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU's).

Continuing Coaching Education - International Coach Federation

Crescendo Inc. offers two EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification training options: In-Person and Virtual. Both program options will teach you what you need to know to successfully administer EQ-i2.0/EQ360. Additionally, both programs are designed to provide hands-on practice to help you internalize and strengthen your skill at analyzing, interpreting and debriefing the EQ-i2.0/EQ360.

EQ-i Certification Session Dates and Registration - In-Person EQ-i Certification Session Dates and Registration - Virtual

Upon completing EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification, you will be able to:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence and its relevance.
  • Describe the concepts and relevance of emotional intelligence
  • Explain the components of EQ-i2.0/EQ360 (including the science behind the assessments)
  • Analyze and interpret the EQ-i2.0 and EQ360 effectively and responsibly
  • Conduct effective and meaningful EQ-i2.0 and EQ360 debriefs
  • Explain the benefits of emotional intelligence to different client groups.


Once you have registered for a training session, you will receive instructions for:

  • Completing the EQ-i2.0 Self-Assessment
  • Participating in a 2-hour debrief session with your facilitator to review your personal EQ-i2.0 results
  • Completing EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification Training pre-work (including e-learning modules)

General Information:

Participants can expect to invest approximately 24-hours in the EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification learning experience.

In-Person Training

In-Person Training is delivered over 2 consecutive days on location in Minneapolis, MN . Details regarding specific locations will be announced prior to each session. Investment: $2,395.00

More Details on the In-Person Training Option

Virtual Training

Virtual Training is delivered in four, 3-hour virtual learning sessions using webinar technology. Investment: $2,295.00

More Details on the Virtual Training Option

Investment includes:

  • EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification (Successful participants are certified by Multi-Health Systems (MHS) to purchase and administer EQ-i2.0 and EQ360
  • The EQ Edge (3rd Edition) by Steven Stein and Howard Book
  • EQ-i2.0/EQ360 User's Handbook
  • EQ-i2.0/EQ360 360 Participant workbook and presentation material
  • EQ-i2.0 self-assessment
  • Confidential, 2- hour EQ-i2.0debrief with facilitator prior to the session
  • Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • 2-hours of 'post certification' support
  • Free access to the Crescendo Inc. EI Community of Practice
  • Free access to Crescendo Connect Conversations

Who should participate?

  • Internal and external coaches (Public/Private sectors)
  • HR professionals
  • Organization and leadership development professionals
  • Internal and external consultants

EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification Registration:

EQ-i Certification Session Dates and Registration - In-Person EQ-i Certification Session Dates and Registration - Virtual


Lisa and Karen provide a high quality learning environment. They are both very knowledgeable about the assessments and take great care in designing a training that ensures participants are learning the most they can in 2 days!"

- Leadership Consultant, Non-Profits (December 2014)

"If you are looking for an assessment that provides a more holistic view of a person, this one does. It also provides metrics around its validity. Lisa and Karen do a marvelous job at breaking the details down and understanding how its use can impact individuals and organizations."

- Leadership Consultant and Coach (December 2014)

"Lisa and Karen provide a world-class learning environment that is grounded not just in good content, but practical methods and engaging activities. It is not a question of "is this a good investment of time and money?", but rather, "why didn't I do this sooner and who else can I encourage to partake in it!"

- Director of Leadership Development (June 2014)

"Lisa is an OUTSTANDING facilitator. EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification Training is informational, creative, interactive, interpersonal and fun! She along with Karen created a learning atmosphere filled with trust and confidence. The training activities they selected intentionally required the participants to reflect, demonstrate and respond. The active learning in this training session encouraged self-confidence and promoted real learning. The dynamics of the group were amazing and a direct result of the facilitators' ability to orchestrate effective training. I HIGHLY recommend this training."

- Academic Success Coordinator - Higher Education (November 2013)

"Lisa Griebel is a fantastic instructor and coach who put together a well-organized, highly interactive and very practical program in a way that made it feel very easy to understand and use. Learning and practicing as part of a group built confidence in the tool. I can't wait to use it with leaders and spread the good word!"

~ Leadership Effectiveness Consultant (June 2013)

"Lisa was outstanding in facilitating the EQ-i/EQ360 training! The class was fast-paced, practical, engaging and highly interactive. She does an excellent job with visual design as well as helpful, real-life activities to incorporate the content - both really helped us retain and integrate the information.

Emotional Intelligence is such an essential leadership capability, absolutely relevant and necessary for the collaborative reality that exists in organizations today. EQ - relational, social and emotional effectiveness - can be developed and will help leaders be more engaging, inspirational and... followed! I highly recommend attending Lisa's certification program if you want to become an EQ practitioner helping leaders and managers have greater impact and success!"

~ Senior Search Consultant - Talent Management Firm (December 2012)

"Kudos on an extremely well-done EQ-i/360 Certification Workshop packed with engaging activities to promote learning. It is apparent that your continuously fine-tune your presentation and materials based on your own experience in this arena. I also appreciate your leading-edge offerings for practitioners through Crescendo Connect to create and sustain a community to increase EI in the world. Keep on keeping on with this critically important work – your leadership is inspiring!"

~ Independent Consultant (December 2012)

“If you are considering certification in the EQ-i/EQ360 assessments, Lisa is the one! All the way through the process – pre-work, workshop, and follow-up support – Lisa has excelled. Her approach is practical, learner-centered and highly professional. Personally, Lisa is genuine, client-focused and goes the extra mile to ensure client success. Her willingness to go that extra mile was hugely instrumental in helping me with my first EQ-i client. Bottom-line, Lisa is a skilled trainer and an expert in emotional intelligence who will help accelerate your development as an EQ-I practitioner.”

~ Leadership Consultant (October 2012)

"The EQ-I and EQ360 certification process was incredible. The prework was essential to prepare me for the two very full days of training. The richness of information and experiential practice opportunities solidified my learning. I truly appreciated the generosity of time and resources to ensure my experience and my success (passing the exam). It is clear that this work is your passion and that you care deeply about improving people's effectiveness through optimizing emotional intelligence."

~ Coach and Manager, Training and Organization Development (March 2012)

"The course was amazing. The learning environment was safe, interactive and rich. The presenters are engaging, insightful, thoughtful and were able to bring us from being novice to a greater understanding of the EQ-i 2.0/EQ360 in a very short time period!"

~ Independent Consultant, Non-Profit (March 2012)

"I would recommend Lisa Griebel and Crescendo, Inc. for anyone interested in learning the EQ-i and the EQ360! The training (my 2nd with her) was personable, professional, and quite productive. I left feeling energized and excited to continue putting the new knowledge and skills to use with my clients. If you're going to invest in yourself, Lisa provides a great ROI!"

~ Clinical Psychologist and Organization Development Consultant (March 2012)

"My experience in the certification training was exceptional. As a trainer and coach, I understand the time, energy and care it takes to guide a roomful of learners toward greater competence and confidence. Wish I was always as successful as Lisa and Karen were with us! The generosity in knowledge-sharing, materials, tips and tools was far greater than the price of admission. And, I don't want to forget to mention the hospitality and fun! My clients will benefit because of the mentoring I received through this workshop. Thank you for helping me be a better coach (and passing the final exam)!"

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (March 2012)

"Lisa does a wonderful job preparing participants for giving and debriefing the EQ-i2.0/360. She provides us with the tools we need, and varies her teaching style so that the material is easily comprehended by all the participants. I highly recommend Lisa and Crescendo Inc. for your EQi-2.0/360 certification."

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (December 2011)

"I found the experience highly beneficial for me personally and for my understanding of how Emotional Intelligence improves employee well being and performance."

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (December 2011)

"The entire certification process was a highly valuable experience. Understanding EQ is crucial for enhancing personal and professional success. I recommend gaining competence in EQ-i 2.0/EQ360 for many in the helping professions."

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (December 2011)

"As a facilitator, it was clear that Lisa is truly invested in our collective success. Her attention to every detail, her outstanding facilitation skills and her command of the subject matter made the whole experience so valuable to me. Lisa worked so hard and gave so much of herself to make this all happen."

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (December 2011)

"Lisa has developed a thoughtful certification process which ensures that participants come to the session already familiar with the material so that we can apply it to real life situations. We left with a high degree of confidence knowing that we knew the material and would be successful using the tool with your clients."

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (December 2011)

This certification was both a learning experience and a personal/professional retreat. Not only did Lisa teach within the model of EQ-i, her demonstration of it from beginning to end was a restorative experience for me. I highly recommend this certification.

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant - Higher Education (August 2011)

Lisa is very knowledgeable in this subject and is able to teach in a manner that is very understandable to someone less fluent in this subject. She is a great listener and is very open to new ideas. She created a comfortable environment for learning and it was easy to take what I learned in the two day session and pass the certification exam.

~ Leadership Coach and Consultant (August 2011)

Lisa's training was excellent, and her training style was a great fit for our group.

~ Leadership Coach (April 2011)

"Lisa does a superior job bringing this valuable tool to life. The EQ-i assessment is deeper than I anticipated but Lisa makes it easy to learn, use and help people. Of all the certifications and training I have attended Lisa cares the most about her participants."

~ Coach and Consultant for Financial Advisors (April 2011)

"I have always had an “interest” in Emotional Intelligence, frequently integrating it into my work as a coach and into my coaching programs. Working with Lisa has taken this to whole new levels. She has transformed my interest into a passion for using it to help individuals step into their Greatness! Lisa is an amazing and skilful facilitator and coach; she made learning fun, resonant and relevant! I cannot wait to take another course with her. Thank you Lisa!"

~ Professional Development Coach - Toronto Canada (March 2011)

"Lisa is a terrific EQ-I facilitator, coach and guide. She has a genuine interest in helping her students learn all they can about Emotional Intelligence so they can use themselves as an instrument to help others understand, develop and grow. I was so impressed by Lisa, her style and EQ-I knowledge that I have already asked her about becoming EQ-I 360 degree certified."

~ Manager Talent Management, Retail (December 2010)

"I signed up for a training with Crescendo, Inc. to be certified to administer the EQ-I, in order to support my coaching clients, and my work as human resources consultant in an academic environment. The certification training was led by Lisa Griebel, and I highly recommend her. She is an excellent teacher, facilitator, and coach. She is well grounded in the materials. The workshop was fun, interesting and challenging, providing hands-on practice and small group discussion, using a variety of creative learning methods. I would highly recommend her program for anyone interested in emotional intelligence."

~ Artist Coach (December 2010)

"Several years ago Lisa was recommended as a Speaker for a PDI program I managed. Not only was she an excellent speaker with a history of successful coaching and consulting but she was deeply grounded in a unique expertise, Emotional Intelligence. Most recently I attended Lisa’s EQI® Certification Program and found the content, delivery, and intellectual property to be exceptional. I’ve delivered and received a lot of training for twenty plus years. I cannot recall a training experience that left me so well prepared to deliver results when I left the training room. Kudos, Lisa. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I highly recommend Lisa and her programs."

~ Partner, Coaching and Consulting Practice (October 2010)

"Lisa is without doubt a true expert is the field of Emotional Intelligence. I am glad I attended the certification program. Her mastery of the subject of Emotional Intelligence combined with her ease at facilitating discussions across educational and cultural backgrounds as well as sharing practical experiences of the use of the Baron EQ-i made her certification program, by far, one of the most productive I’ve ever attended."

~ Human Capital Developer (June 2010)

" Lisa Griebel is by far the most sophisticated and creative presenter and educator I have ever experienced. Clearly an expert in her field and a joy to learn from."

~ Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant (June 2010)

"An outstanding workshop! Lisa Griebel is a masterful EQ-i facilitator and coach. Throughout the workshop Lisa modeled the Emotional Intelligence concepts with respect, total presence and openness.

Beginning with the pre-work assignments, EQ-i personal assessment debrief and the completion of the final exam I was totally engaged in the content discussions, learning activities, and the purposeful checking for understanding, which challenged my thinking about emotional intelligence and its relevance.

I recommend this workshop to anyone who craves the desire to become aware, express and grow their own Emotional Intelligence, and then use that energy and knowledge to assist others in their Emotional Intelligence journey."

~ Leadership Development Practitioner and Coach (June 2010)

"The EQi certification training with Lisa Griebel was one of the most valuable training experiences I’ve experienced. She has a gift for creating engaging processes that apply and anchor the learning so it is available to use when you walk out the door. This process has contributed to my own development as well as given me new tools to help others. I highly recommend Lisa for your training!"

~ President, Values-led Leadership Development Firm (June 2010)

"I have been certified in four other psychometric assessments and taken introductory courses in many others. Without question, Lisa Griebel established a new benchmark in her EQ-i certification training to which I will compare all other training courses from now on. She is a real professional using methods that are ideal for adult learners. There is no doubt about the depth of her expertise, but when you add her creativity, storytelling and humor, she may be beyond compare."

~ Executive Coach, Scottsdale, AZ (June 2010)

"Lisa's sensitivity, diligence, subject matter expertise and sense of humor made the workshop enjoyable and relevant. I have been acquainted with Lisa for years but came to value and appreciate her ability to summarize and continuously validate key learnings for everyone in the workshop. Lisa's knowledge in EQ-i is as invaluable as her work in enriching the lives of community members around her."

~Independent Organization Development & Training Consultant (February 2010)


"Lisa Griebel is a skilled, knowledgeable and engaging facilitator. Her depth of experience with the EQ-i is clearly evident as she navigates the training to the key learning areas for certification success. Having now completed my first assessment I can say I was extremely well prepared and confident going through the process. As a consultant and facilitator, I highly recommend Lisa for this training."

~Independent Training Consultant (September 2009)

"I really enjoyed the pace, depth and rigor of Crescendo's EQi certification seminar; it was among the best certification seminars I have ever attended. Lisa is clearly an expert and her rapport and facilitation style really helped the group coalesce and maximize our respective experiences as we thought forward about the issues and dynamics we could encounter as we use the EQi with our staff and customers. I feel prepared and ready to use the instrument and look forward for using it in coaching and leadership development."

~ Education & Organization Development Manager - State Government (June 2009)

“Excellence from start to finish”…that’s how I would describe Lisa Griebel and her EQi Training and Certification. As a recent participant, this as one of the best training and development experiences I have ever attended (and I’ve attended hundreds throughout my career). When you combine her experience as a trainer and facilitator, her expertise in the arena of Emotional Intelligence and her commitment to creating a strong learning environment, you get world-class results! Lisa exceeded my expectations in delivering the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be successful with EQi."

~ Independent Consultant (June 2009)

"I was originally certified to use the EQ-i 5 years ago and frequently use it in my consulting practice. Every time I administer the EQ-i, I am reminded how robust the instrument is and how much more there is to learn. Periodically, I seek Lisa's guidance on more challenging EQ-i interpretations. Last year, I decided to attend one of her EQ-i training sessions as a refresh and I am glad that I did. Even though I am EQ-i certified and use it regularly, I learned more than I thought I would.

Lisa is a skilled trainer who has developed and delivers a first-rate learning experience. Her knowledge and skill using the EQ-i coupled with her attention to details is a clear benefit for all participants. This is evident in the quality and practicality of the materials she has developed and generously shares. She has a relaxed training style that encourages participation and learning.
I went into the Refresh training hoping to learn more about the competencies and left with that along with invaluable tools I have been using ever since.

I am happy to recommend Lisa's EQ-i training program for first-time certification or a refresh. It was a good investment at a good time."

~ Partner, Leadership Development Consulting (March 2009)

"Lisa Griebel, EQ-I practitioner and trainer, delivers with excellence. Lisa's EQ posture is one of professionalism and authenticity, Lisa ignites others with her wealth of knowledge surrounding Emotional Intelligence and models a participative leadership approach in the EQ-I workshop format.

Lisa creatively illustrates the facets of behavior associated with EQ and instills an invaluable level of understanding and confidence. Lisa will positively enhance and elevate an individual's repertoire of emotional intelligence.

~ Leadership Coach & Consultant (June 2009)

"I have had a strong interest in Emotional Intelligence since I first heard about it in the mid 90s. I have since found it be a tool that provides a great breadth and depth of self understanding and, ultimately, opportunity for growth.

After being exposed to the EQi assessment for many years, I have finally been lucky enough to become certified to administer and interpret it. I say 'lucky' because my trainer was Lisa Griebel, who made this training a great experience! I have always been fearful of getting near any kind of statistical training, but Lisa made the material easy to understand and apply. She used a variety of very effective teaching methods, and always showed enormous patience with her students.

I went in fearing my ability to 'pass' the certification, and left feeling that I'd like to take the training all over again!"

~ Psychologist, Coach and HR Consultant (February 2009)

"Thanks to Lisa for making the EQ-i Certification process a meaningful and relevant learning experience! Her passion and vast experience with this topic is clearly reflected in various aspects of the training - - Lisa demonstrates great care and attention to detail as she paves the way, artfully delivers a blend of theoretical concepts combined with practical applications in an engaging, fun way and follows through after the workshop with information and resources to build confidence! "

~ Learning Strategy Consultant (February 2009)

"My experience with Crescendo, Inc. and Lisa Griebel has been fabulous from start to finish. From the moment I became interested in being certified in the EQ-i instrument and made my first call to Crescendo, through the pre-work, my personal debrief, the actual training days, and now as an advisor to me, Lisa has been completely generous with her time and expertise. She provides incredible customer service and continues her relationship with the newly certified trainers beyond the session days. Lisa takes a genuine interest in the success of the people who have been through her outstanding EQ-I training and supports their ongoing learning."

~ Managing Director - Talent Management Firm (February 2009)

"Lisa Griebel is a gifted teacher and trainer who strives to enable each workshop participant to grasp and apply EQ-i concepts. I left the certification training excited and feeling empowered to utilize what I had just learned to help others in a variety of personal and professional contexts."

"Lisa Griebel is not only superbly experienced as an EQ-I practitioner, she is also a master facilitator and teacher. She approaches the entire learning experience totally committed to her students and their learning. She approaches the subject of emotional intelligence with keen insight developed over years of experience working with the EQ-I in a broad variety of settings. She makes learning fun, enjoyable, and relevant. If you want to learn how to use this tool to help you in your area of practice, this is THE qualifying workshop for you."

~ Career Development Professional (February 2009)

"It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for Lisa and her Emotional Intelligence Certification Workshop! There are many redeeming things to say, not the least of which is to point out Lisa's rare and valuable way of blending theory with vivid, real-world examples. Lisa relates so authentically with people, displaying a refreshingly playful, inspirational, caring and collaborative style. Not only did I finish this workshop feeling confident about the new knowledge I had acquired, I left with a great sense of awe and admiration for Lisa's expertise, commitment and effectiveness as a Teacher and Coach. I recommend this training without reservation!~ Participant, Emotional Intelligence Certification Workshop (September 2008)"Thanks to Lisa for her tremendous dedication to ensure our training experience would be both complete and enjoyable. Sharing, often, from her own experiences and the training activities she organized blended so well with the material. Her attention to preparation and connecting, with each individual in the worshop, was very appreciated. Training that is both efficient and effective offers the learning needed to feel ready to utilize the tool. I'm ready and marching ahead."

~ Leadership Consultant (September 2008)

"Lisa Griebel, trainer/facilitator of my recent EQI certification, is outstanding both pofessionally and personally. She lives her passion for emotional intelligence and every facet of the training attended to the needs of us as adult learners. She is creative with her use of learning tools - from technology to handouts to the "toys" present at person's position. Her many experiences and commitment to helping us be successful made the days interesting, challenging and rewarding.Lisa's delivery of the workshop content gave me the confidence to move forward. In addition to this, her promise of ongoing support is integral to my growth and development in the area of emotional intelligence. For anyone who wants a certification experience that provides them with the theory as well as the practical application of E.Q.I. in a very positive environment, I would highly recommend the workshop facilitated by Lisa!"

~ Leadership Consultant, Canada (September 2008)

"The EQ-i Certification with Lisa Griebel was one of the most superb professional development experiences of my career. It was organized, professional and rigorous. Lisa's experience and expertise in the area of emotional intelligence and the EQ-i assessment is impressive. Her teaching and facilitation were of the highest quality and integrity. I left the certification workshop confident and competent in understanding, interpreting, debriefing and applying emotional intelligence and the EQ-i. In addition to my appreciation and admiration, Lisa has my unqualified recommendation."

~ Vice President, Private University (September 2008)

"Through her gifts for understanding the needs of the adult learner and for teaching, Lisa is able to break down the concepts of the EQ-I and develop an action-oriented learning environment, which results in almost effortless learning and solid skills in the application and interpretation of the EQ-I tool. Lisa has a unique style which effectively combines the use of technology, action orientation and clear, concise communication to achieve the ultimate learning environment. She is truly one of the best."

~ Director of Career Services, Higher Education (June 2008)

"The EQ-I certification training I received from Lisa was second to none. The material, while daunting at first glance, was presented in ways that made it easily digestible, clear, and applicable. Lisa's command of adult learning principles was evident in the variety of teaching/learning methods used, accommodating all types of learners-visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. She freely shared tips, resources, and learning aids, and made the learning fun. The prework was immensely helpful in preparing us with background information on emotional intelligence, as well as the development and technical aspects of the instrument itself. This allowed us to jump right in to specifics on the first day of training, allowing more time for interpretation and application exercises. The training was well-paced, and the days flew by. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is interested in emotional intelligence. She is a true expert in the field."

~ Learning and Development Consultant, Health Care (April 2008)

"Lisa is a top-notch facilitator. With a great big toolkit and interesting experiences, she combines an interest in people with great perspectives in this line of work."

~ Independent Trainer & Organization Development Consultant (April 2008)

"Writing a testimonial for Lisa is a pleasure. Lisa is a unique individual because she lives and breathes what she teaches. She makes emotional intelligence come alive with a very practical and interactive approach. I left our training feeling a solid command of the material with an effective approach to use with clients while thoroughly enjoying the process. Lisa made it fun!

Every aspect of my experience with Lisa has been a positive one. When I interviewed candidates trying to decide whose certification to attend, Lisa made my decision an easy one. Her responsive, organized approach and nurturing manner provided the blend and comfort I needed as a participant. It started with the pre work, transitioned through our training and continues with her follow up. I felt attended to during the entire journey - and emotional intelligence is a journey. I'm delighted my path led me to Lisa. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat

~ Independent Organization Development Consultant, Trainer & Coach, Atlanta, GA (February 2008)

"The emotional intelligence certification course taught by Lisa Griebel is cutting edge. She is an excellent trainer who has spent considerable energy organizing the most relevant aspects of emotional intelligence into a comprehensive, well focused program. Under her direction, valuable information was introduced, discoveries from professional literature were shared, and anxieties about measurement and validation were constructively managed. I have attended several programs on assessment tools, to me this is without question the best."

~ Internal Organizational Development Consultant, Health Care (November 2007)

"The EQi was recommended to me as a best practice tool to use in leadership assessment for succession planning. I attended Lisa Griebel's certification course and immediately put the information to use. After the course I was able to administer and provide feedback on over 30 EQi's. Lisa's course provided me with the information and confidence I needed to not only administer the assessments, but provide the insight that helped our employees put it to use. Our organization has found it an invaluable tool in our succession planning and our employees have found it a great tool to use in their ongoing development. I'd highly recommend this assessment and Lisa's certification course to anyone working in organization and personal development in their company."

~ Director of Human Resources, Retail (September 2007)

"Lisa is a "hands on" facilitator possessing the ability to keep participants engaged in all aspects of the BarOn EQ-i assessment process. She has taken complex information and terminology and simplified it to make emotional intelligence "user friendly" for administrators and clients. You learn everything you need to know about the EQ-i through interactive activities, thoughtful discussion, and possibly even playing " EQ-i Jeopardy." Lisa is organized and uses a playful mix of her training, consulting, and coaching skills. Her belief in and commitment to the BarOn EQ-i and its positive impact in the work environment are inspirational. This assessment will be useful for me and my clients to help clarify what areas can be further developed on an individual and team level to help co-workers to interact professionally and create higher productivity and a happier work environment."

~ Personal Development-Career and Team Building Coach (September 2007)

"I came to the two-day seminar with curiosity about emotional intelligence, which Lisa fanned into a full-blown passion. Lisa's teaching and materials are creative and absorbing, and she excels at conveying not only the nuts-and-bolts of the EQi instrument but also the nuances that make it the powerful human tool that it is. I'm very gratified to have had this training. It was enlightening, intriguing and fun."

~ Former executive and budding leadership coach (September 2007)

"I attended EQ-i® Certification training with several learning agendas in mind: to acquire a deeper understanding of the construction of the instrument, an enhanced knowledge of emotional intelligence and its business relevance, and, most importantly, an ability to bring both rigor and insight to the interpretation process. The training exceeded my expectations on all counts.

Lisa is an inspired trainer, who was able to energize the group and effectively communicate complex information. Even when the content was somewhat dry, she kept the participants engaged. She also was extremely generous in sharing her extensive experience in administering the assessment. Her examples and case studies were invaluable in anchoring the fine points of the assessment and interpretation.

Finally, Lisa's support as I have begun to use the assessment has been very helpful. She has made herself available for questions, and is committed to her trainees' success in using the assessment. As a result, I am confident of my ability to incorporate this tool into my coaching practice.

All in all, this was one of the best training experiences I have had. Lisa is a great representative for the BarOn EQ-i® assessment, and I would encourage anyone to participate in the sessions she conducts."

~ President, Personal Wholeness/Business Success Coaching and Consulting (April 2007)

"I was very pleased with my experience in the EQ-i® certification program offered by Lisa and Crescendo! Lisa used various learning activities which helped each of us integrate the information based on our learning style. The time flew by as the program was not only interesting but also very enjoyable. I feel very well prepared to start using the EQ-i assessment!"

~ Internship Coordinator, Private University (April 2007)

"As an organization development consultant and executive coach, I am often in the position of assessing and helping clients improve their "soft-side" or human skills so that they can be more effective in social and relationship contexts. The EQ-i® is an excellent assessment tool for increasing awareness and measuring and guiding action and skill improvement in these areas.

Lisa Griebel's EQ-i® certification workshop was outstanding. It fully prepared me to use the instrument with my clients. In addition, Lisa provided an excellent balance of conceptual and research-based training, real-world application examples, group discussion and group exercises to put across the principles and concepts and anchor the learning. I highly recommend this workshop to others."

~ President, Organization Development & Executive Coaching Firm (January 2007)

"My clients are looking for ways to identify and address issues that lead to higher performing employees. They want solutions that address both business results and growth in their people. The Emotional Intelligence framework provides a launching point for real change.

Lisa Griebel facilitates a business-focused EQ-i® certification session that provides the right balance of academic rigor and hands-on application for EQ practitioners.

I feel fully prepared to help my clients succeed using EQ as the foundation. I owe Lisa my gratitude for helping me get to this point and have already recommended her offering to others."

~ President, Performance Consulting Firm (January 2007)

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