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Frequently, EI Practitioners leave EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certification feeling both energized and overwhelmed because of ALL the possibilities. It is not uncommon for us to receive inquiries about next steps: How do I build Emotional Intelligence into my practice? What are good resources? How can I further develop my own emotional intelligence? These are all great questions and VERY relevant. If, in fact, your intention is to help make our world more emotionally intelligent, then you need answers to these questions (and more).

Crescendo Inc. is committed to building a strong Community of Practice that supports continuous learning and development in emotional intelligence (EI). EI Peer Coaching is a strategy for EI Practitioners to focus and develop personal emotional intelligence while enhancing professional coaching/consulting practice.

What is EI Peer Coaching?

Our EI Peer Coaching program is based on a methodology and action learning model developed by Authenticity Consulting, LLC. EI Peer Coaching Groups consist of 5 – 6 highly focused EI Practitioners who are committed to self-development and meet regularly to help each other with real-world EI challenges and goals. Group discussion content is confidential, supportive and focused on learning and taking action. EI Peer Coaching is a powerful way to promote self-awareness, tap inner wisdom, encourage self-responsibility, and inspire action.

Regardless of individual roles or responsibilities, EI Peer Coaching provides opportunities to strengthen coaching skills while learning a coaching process that is easy to duplicate and customize. A trained and experienced facilitator helps EI Practitioners use dedicated time in each session to meet their personal needs.

Why is Peer Coaching such a good fit with EI?

Conversations with EI Practitioners indicate that they are always searching for more concrete strategies and versatility to help others enhance their emotional intelligence. Additionally, we heard them talk about being so focused on developing other people that they rarely find time to invest in their own personal development, especially when it comes to EI.

We believe that emotional intelligence is the foundation of personal and professional success which enables all other capabilities to matter – how we make decisions, manage stress, navigate change and develop meaningful relationships. We further believe that successful EI Practitioners need practice and community to build conscious competence. EI Peer Coaching offers practitioners a safe place for deliberate emotional intelligence development that supports personal and professional growth.

What are the benefits of EI Peer Coaching?

  • Accomplish breakthroughs in developing or enhancing your personal emotional intelligence.
  • Deepen connections with other EI practitioners.
  • Build and/or strengthen specific EI competencies and/or skills in your professional roles or consulting practice.
  • Increase your confidence as an EI practitioner.
  • Inspire action and reflection.
  • Expand perspective and insight by tapping inner wisdom.
  • Engage self-responsibility.
  • Enable identification and articulation of personal needs.
  • Enable risk taking and expanded learning.
  • Cultivate a sense of belongingEngage the power of peers.

EI Peer Coaching Testimonials

Working with other professionals in a peer coaching environment provided an excellent setting to explore my emotional intelligence and focus on areas for growth. Lisa and Karen's expertise in emotional intelligence and peer coaching combine to create an environment for learning, experimenting and growth.

- Leadership Development Coach and Consultant (November 2013)

I not only received valuable coaching, I also learned when others were being coached. I wish we could continue.

- EI Practitioner and Coach (November 2013)

Participating in this group has had a significant impact on my personal and professional development. Not only did I receive expert coaching from EI experts, I was able to further hone my own coaching skills and working knowledge of EI competencies.

- Internal Leadership Development Consultant (November 2013)

How does EI Peer Coaching work?

To meet the needs of our wide geographically dispersed EI Practitioner community, we are offering 2 EI Peer Coaching Group meeting format options:

  • The Blended meeting option offers a combination of teleconference and face-to-face meetings in Minneapolis (location TBD).
  • The Virtual meeting option offers meetings via teleconference to accommodate EI Practitioners who live outside of the Twin Cities.

The power of EI Peer Coaching lies in the structure and rigor of the process. In both meeting format options, each member of an EI Peer Coaching Group will have approximately 20 minutes of dedicated time in every session to focus on their learning/development needs.

EI Peer Coaching Model

EI Peer Coaching Model

1. Describe (TIME: 2-3 Minutes)

Individually, each EI Practitioner begins by describing what they want to get out of their peer coaching time slot.

2. Discuss (TIME: 12-15 Minutes)

EI Peer Coaching Group members are invited to ask the individual questionsto gain clarity and deepen learning.

3. Commit (TIME: 2-3 Minutes)

The individual member summarizes the discussion and commits to specific actions they are willing to take before the next EI Peer Coaching session.

4. Take Action

The individual member takes action by following through on the commitment(s) they made to their EI Peer Coaching Group. They will be responsible for reporting back the results of their actions – what worked, what didn’t, what changed, next steps etc…

Who will benefit most from EI Peer Coaching?

  • EQ-i or EQ-i2.0/EQ360 Certified Practitioners at all levels of experience who are committed to personal growth and self-development (e.g. want to build and/or strengthen an EI focus and/or skills in professional roles or consulting practice).

Note: No prior experience with Peer Coaching methodology is necessary.

What is the EI Peer Coaching investment?

Your investment in EI Peer Coaching is divided into 2 categories: Time/Effort and Fees.

Time and Effort

  • Complete EQ-i2.0 Assessment and EI Peer Coaching Pre-work (estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours)
  • Participate in seven EI Peer Coaching sessions over the course of 7-8 months (including a ‘chunky’ half day launch session.)


  • $1,500* (payable in one or two installments) We estimate that you will engage in 20-24 hours of EI Peer Coaching. This means you will invest about $63/hour for your EI development. Clearly you are all worth that kind of investment!

Your investment includes:

  • Peer Coaching Member Guide (Authenticity Consulting LLC’s )
  • EQ-i2.0 Leadership Report
  • Prework and launch materials

Next Steps:

  • Register for EI Peer Coaching* (small groups are thoughtfully assembled)
  • Complete EQ-i2.0 Assessment/EI Peer Coaching Pre-work
  • Participate in a half-day launch; plus six 2-2½ hour sessions to be scheduled every 4-5 weeks. Note: Each person receives dedicated time in every session.
  • All sessions are facilitated

Register for EI Peer Coaching

* Note: Space is limited to 6 participants per session, so register early!

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