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Crescendo Inc. is committed to building a strong Community of Practice that supports continuous learning and development in emotional intelligence (EI). By definition, communities of practice are groups of people who share a common concern interest or passion for something and learn how to further develop by interacting with others. Such is the case with the Crescendo Inc. Community of Practice.

We support our community by offering a variety of opportunities to learn and develop skills and expertise in emotional intelligence.

Who should participate?

While most of our EI Practitioner community is certified in the EQ-i2.0& EQ360 we welcome all EI Practitioners who are committed to self-development and sharing their expertise with others.

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What distinguishes Crescendo, Inc.'s EI Practitioner training is their highly engaging, relational approach to learning.  The Crescendo method is essentially a learning cohort facilitated by EQ-i2.0  experts.  I deeply appreciated and enjoyed learning about EQ-i2.0 Assessments and tools while getting hands-on experience with fellow practitioners.  I completed the course inspired and eager to apply the tools in my coaching and consulting practice.  And I continue to draw on the knowledge and wisdom of the Crescendo's very active Community of Practice.

- Executive Leadership and Team Development Consultant and Coach

"Most certification programs end once the formal training event is completed. But, research shows that only about 10% of learning comes from formal learning events. The other 90% comes from coaching, mentoring, and real-world application.

Crescendo Inc.’s certification program along with the EI Community of Practice has provided me with a comprehensive, ongoing learning environment. As a result, I have grown tremendously as an executive coach and leadership development professional. More importantly, I’ve applied these concepts to become a more mindful, centered, and whole human being."

- Learning and Development Consultant, Medical Device Company

"I have acquired many different certifications over the past 25 years.  But I have never received  a certification where, as a result, I truly am a part of a community and continue to grow in that field!  Here it is, years after participating in the Crescendo EQ-I Certification Training and I am still using the many resources.  In fact, I am probably using the Crescendo EI Community of Practice even more now, and the resources just continue to expand!  This community has kept me connected to other professionals when I have questions or want to share best practices. 

I so appreciate the webinars which are available at my time - but the EI Practitioner Resource Center is the best!  As an independent trainer/coach being a part of the Crescendo EI Community of Practice is invaluable.  Little did I know that I would receive so much more than certification to administer an assessment when I came to Crescendo.  It  has given me tools well beyond the certification that I use regularly as I work with individuals and organizations."

- Executive  Leadership Consultant and Coach

"Since being certified as an EI Practitioner in 2013, I have continued to deepen my understanding of Emotional Intelligence by participating in Crescendo's Community of Practice.  I have attended every Crescendo Connect Conversation since being certified, and am always amazed by the ways other practitioners are utilizing emotional intellgence in their work.  I have received hours of individual support from Lisa Griebel which has enabled me to grow the EI portion of my business beyond individual coaching into group coaching and large workshop presentations.  In addition, it is extremely beneficial to have the Crescendo Inc. Resource Center available with numerous tools and articles.  I was thrilled when the EI Development Strategy Guides were released as I use them daily in my coaching practice.

I have other colleagues whom were EQ-i2.0 certified with other trainers that received no additional support or communication post training.  I was happy to refer them to Crescendo's Community of Practice as a way to increase their learning as well."

- Leadership Development Consultant and Coach

"I received my EQ-i certification in 2008.  Unlike other assessment certifications, Crescendo Inc. is not finished with you once you complete the training.  The support I receive from Lisa and other practitioners is ongoing.  Since I was initially certified, the EQ-i Assessment underwent major revisions (now EQ-i2.0) and Lisa kept us informed the whole way; showing us how to use the new tool, offering informative/interactive webinars and ongoing personal assistance.

There are also great web resources just for practitioners!  The recent addition of the EI Development Strategy Guide is awesome. These guides are examples of coaching tools that were developed in response to (and in collaboration with) the EI community of practice.  I look forward to the bi-monthly Crescendo Connect Conversations and continually learn new ways to apply emotional intelligence.  Having conversations with other EI Practitioners is a huge bonus that offers benefits that static web resources just can’t provide. 

The EI Community of Practice has been invaluable in growing my knowledge and application of emotional intelligence."

- Learning and Development Consultant - Health Care

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