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Crescendo Connect ConversationsCrescendo Connect Conversations focus on connecting emotional intelligence to other relevant topics (e.g. 360 assessments, Brain Science, Values and Purpose, Branding/Marketing, Peer Coaching etc…). These 45-minute, bi-monthly conversations provide EI Practitioners an opportunity to learn and to share expertise with our broader EI Community of Practice.

Upcoming Crescendo Connect Conversations include:

  • EI Practitioner Roundtable Discussion
  • Emotional Intelligence and Strengths 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development
  • Emotional Intelligence and Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence and Equine Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence and Career Development

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Anyone connected to Crescendo Inc. is welcome to attend. This is a perfect chance to connect or re-connect with the Crescendo EI Practitioner Community!

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There is NO COST!!!

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Archive - Crescendo Connect Conversations

January 23, 2014 - Igniting Your Personal Brand with Emotional Intelligence with Sue Stanek

Sue Stanek

A hot topic in leadership today is how to stand out from the crowd - how to create a strong personal brand.  While Sue agrees it is important to have an impactful website, LinkedIn profile, (and perhaps other social media presence), her experience and field research indicates one's consistent behavior (good, bad, or ugly)  is what most strongly influences personal brand.

Sue has developed a model which includes the two major reasons people "buy" another: one is made up of business factors, the other is made up of personal factors.  To no surprise, emotional intelligence is at the core of the entire model.  Join us as Sue Stanek shares her insights that clients have found insightful and powerful - from General Mills to Hasbro, Inc.

Sue Stanek has 30+ years of successful business experience including product management, sales, sales management, training and development, and external consulting.

In her first 15 years, Sue led the learning function in two national healthcare organizations, was a product manager for Wilson Learning, and then served in the roles of sales and sales management, serving Fortune 500 clients for B.I. Worldwide.  For the past 15 years, Sue has worked independently as a leadership consultant, providing keynote speeches and seminars on team and individual leadership, as well as mentoring in the corporate setting.

Speech and seminar topics focus on maximizing personal effectiveness and productivity, ranging from: networking, personal leadership, emotional intelligence and developing personal brand.

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November 12, 2013 - Emotional Intelligence & Crucial Conversations with Mary Ann Djonne

Mary Ann Djonne

Conflict.   Does just reading the word make you shudder? When asking people the first words that come to mind when they think about conflict, the vast majority will answer with words like "stress, fight, battle, disagreement, hard feelings." But conflict is unavoidable for most of us, and necessary in order to enact change in these challenging times. But managing conflict doesn't come easily to most people, and as a result, we may tend to react with a fight or flight mentality.

Managing conflict effectively requires emotional intelligence. In this Crescendo Connect conversation, we will discuss the alignment of the EQ-i 2.0 subscales with the principles of managing disagreements. As a backdrop of the discussion, we will use Crucial Conversations®, an award-winning training program for holding difficult conversations, based on the New York Times business bestseller.

Mary Ann Djonne is an EI Practitioner and certified trainer of Crucial Conversations for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She is a learning and development consultant in the Office of Leadership and Organization Development, and provides leadership coaching and coach training to physicians and leaders within the organization. She holds a master's degree in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota, and is certified as an associate certified coach by the International Coach Federation.

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September 11, 2013 - Envisioning Emotional Intelligence with Sonny Randall

sonny-randall-200Seeking a innovative approach to help others understand their EQ-i? Using the medium of pictures is a creative way to engage your clients - one that's effective, revealing and memorable. The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" applies to helping build a bridge between what a client understands about their EQ-I and how they actively leverage their emotional intelligence moving forward. During this Crescendo Connect conversation Sonny will provide examples of how he as combined the EQ-I with pictures to help US Bank leaders (in both individual and group settings) create valuable insights into their own leadership capabilities.

Sonny Randall is an EI Practitioner and Leadership Development Manager (Leadership Dude) for US Bank. He serves on the Leadership Development and Talent Management team that is responsible for the design and implementation of development programs for 10,000+ leaders in the United States and Europe.

Sonny has been in the field of workplace learning and performance for 15 years. Sonny has as BA in Communications and a MA in Lay Ministry and has been recognized as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance by the American Society for Training & Development.

Sonny lives in Saratoga, California with his wife (Lori) and his three children (Samuel, Anna and Adam).

Sonny is an "out side the box" thinker with strengths in the areas of Relationship Building, Influencing and Executing. He has a passion for coloring with Craolya Crayons and is always willing to provide a "free hug" to anyone… anywhere.

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