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Crescendo Connect ConversationsCrescendo Connect Conversations focus on connecting emotional intelligence to other relevant topics (e.g. 360 assessments, Brain Science, Values and Purpose, Branding/Marketing, Peer Coaching etc…). These 45-minute, bi-monthly conversations provide EI Practitioners an opportunity to learn and to share expertise with our broader EI Community of Practice.

Upcoming Crescendo Connect Conversations include:

  • EI Practitioner Roundtable Discussion
  • Emotional Intelligence and Strengths 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development
  • Emotional Intelligence and Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence and Equine Therapy
  • Emotional Intelligence and Career Development

Who should attend?

Anyone connected to Crescendo Inc. is welcome to attend. This is a perfect chance to connect or re-connect with the Crescendo EI Practitioner Community!

What is the cost?

There is NO COST!!!

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Archive - Crescendo Connect Conversations

July 14, 2014 - Emotional Intelligence & Vulnerability with Karen Greer

Karen GreerDo you want more love, more joy, more whole-hearted living? Most of us do, but we may not realize that we share a fear of being unworthy or not belonging. In Brene Brown's work as a social work/research professor, she studied people who believed in their own worth, were courageous, and connected with others empathically. She concluded that what they had in common was that they moved beyond the universal sense of shame, of unworthiness, that is so common among humans, even when we are not aware of it. She links the uncovering of shame with developing the skill of being open, vulnerable and authentic.

Karen's presentation will explore how our awareness of and engagement with vulnerability integrates with EQ concepts of emotional self-awareness and expression and interpersonal relationships.

Karen Greer, has extensive experience in coaching individuals and groups in life planning and retirement.   Personally drawn to Brene's work, she now facilitates workshops on the concepts of vulnerability, shame, and authenticity.

Her affiliations include the MN Coaches Association, and the Life Planning Network; her credentials include Empowerment Coaching, the Working on Purpose certification, and a Master's Degree in Adult Education. Learn more about Karen on her website (

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May 12, 2014 - Emotional Intelligence and Intentional Leadership with Dr. Jane Kise

Dr. Jane KiseYes, we need to lead from our strengths. And yes, trying to turn weaknesses into strengths can rob us of precious time better spent using those strengths. However, leaders, whose decisions and actions have far-reaching effects, need tools that help them look in the mirror and recognize not only the strengths on which they build their style, but those blind spots that, if not managed, have the potential to harm their careers and the work, morale, effectiveness and futures of those they lead.

In this Crescendo Connect Conversation, you will learn how three frameworks--emotional intelligence, Jungian type, and the 12 Lenses of Leadership--help leaders focus their strengths, manage those blind spots, and make tangible progress toward their key priorities.

Dr. Jane Kise, author of Intentional Leadership and founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates, is an executive coach and organizational consultant. Author of over 20 books, Jane's clients include NASA, Minneapolis Public Schools, the Bush Foundation, and numerous education and business organizations.

She holds an MBA in finance, a doctorate in Education Leadership, and is an MBTI Master Practitioner. She is also certified in the EQi 2.0 ™ and MBTI Step III.

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March 10, 2014 - Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Development with Rosie Barry & Patty Bales

Rosie Barry and Patty BalesFor the past five years, organizational development consultants in the Office of Human Resources at the University of MN have used emotional intelligence as a key component in their leadership development cohort programs. During this time several hundred people have taken the original EQ-I and the revised version.

During this session we will cover two models, one for the development of strong EQ-i2.0 debrief Coaches and the other for the assessment process used in these programs. We will also look at key learnings as they apply to faculty, both those focused on research and those focused on teaching, as well as staff in an academic institution.

Rosie Barry has 25 years of experience as an internal and external organizational development practitioner, working both in private industry and public enterprises. In her current position, she is the assistant director of Organizational Effectiveness in the Office of Human Resources at the University of Minnesota and leads a group of consultants. Change management, team dynamics, and strategic planning are some of the activities that she has helped groups to master. Her current area of interest is neuroscience and its application to change management.

Rosie holds master's degrees in Human Resources/Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota and Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas.

Patty Bales has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and higher education environments, working in employee and leadership development, organizational development, and change management. Her current role in the Organizational Effectiveness group focuses on career and leader development using multiple assessments like the EQ-i.

Patty holds a master's degree in Human Resource Development from the University of St. Thomas, and certifications/qualifications that enable her to use several assessments for the purpose of adult development.

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