Nov 11, 2020 - Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Agility | The WE SPACE

Janice DowningJanice DowningIntercultural Agility (IA) is the ability to shift and adapt one’s own behaviors, thoughts, and skills to create a bridge with others, develop and maintain a strong working relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect and successfully balance commonalities and differences. Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) enables one to effectively perceive and respond to internal and external factors. When used in tandem, IA and EQ-i create a platform, the WE Space, for two or more individuals to co-define and maintain relationships that support healthy dialogue, are sustainable and based on mutual trust and respect. In this session we will discuss the WE Space, its essential elements as well as what will erode or support it.

Janice Downing has more than 30 years of experience as a broad human resource professional. As a certified Professional in Human Systems Dynamics (PHSD), she is able to assess an organization’s issues and facilitate change in a systematic, cost-effective manner. She also uses formal Project Management and Business Process Quality Improvement training in her work.

Janice works with organizations large and small and across industry lines conducting investigations that identify the root cause of a problem and determines what needs to be done from the human resources perspective or through a Human Resources or Organizational Assessment.

Janice’s down-to-earth style and straightforward manner make it easy for her to adapt to multiple situations and styles. She also has an innate ability to translate technical human resources theory into ideas and practices that are easy for others to understand and use.

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