March 25, 2013 - EQ-i2.0 Leadership Report with Lisa Griebel and Carrie Kolbin

Emotional Intelligence has long been recognized as a key predictor of leadership success. Since 1997, consultants worldwide have used the EQ-i to support leadership development. In January 2013, MHS released, the EQ-i2.0 LEADERSHIP Report.

This report examines EQ-i2.0 results through four key dimensions of leadership: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. Certified EI Practitioners may now compare their client results against those of top leaders, thereby creating a coaching benchmark for exceptional EI performance. The LEADERSHIP Report identifies potential leadership derailers, provides insights on the leadership and organizational implications of client results, as well as strategies for development designed to help leaders achieve their true potential.

In this Crescendo Connect Conversation, we answer the following questions:

  • What is the EQ-i2.0 Leadership Report?
  • How was it developed?
  • What are the key features and benefits of the report?
  • How can it be used?

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